We can’t be stopped. WBC Belgium is happening!

Peace to all,

We are deeply touched by the sad events which happened this week in our beautiful city BRUSSELS.

We would like to send our condolences to the family and friends of all the victims.

Today we received the agreement from the city and the venue to let the event WBBC Belgium Qualifier take place at the Cultural Center DE MAALBEEK this Saturday March 26th. www.demaalbeek.be

The person in charge of the venue as well as the Organization team really want to avoid any cancellation to show to those Crazy people that we will not stop living, breathing, laughing and DANCING !

The Hip Hop Culture was created to change the negative energy to a positive energy through our arts and disciplines and this is what we are gonna show them once again by doing a great Battle this Saturday.

The event is then confirmed and we expect all the BBoys to register from 4pm (16h) directly at the venue.

Come with your friends, your fans, your family … to show what our Culture is all about !

Be Blessed, take care of yourself and keep on believing in your Dreams !

The WBBC Belgium Team