WBC World Final save the date

A new era has come! After the 10th edition last year, the World Final 2019 will take place on September 8th in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  Stay tuned for more info.

10 Years, 10 Questions: Lucky

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10 Years of World Bboy Classic, 10 Questions.

First up: Lucky.
Hailing from Charleroi, and representing No Parking Crew, the crew he’s been with ever since 2011. Lucky is one of the upcoming guys in Belgium, and has been Breaking since 2009, the year WBC started.

10 Questions:

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Give it up for Belgium’s Titris & Lucky

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Congrats to Titris & Lucky taking the win at World Bboy Classic Belgium! Lucky once again won WBC Belgium, this time together with Titris. These guys are some of the guys that are pushing Belgium foward. Watch out for these 2 as they might become the first Belgium Qualifier Winners, to break through to the Top 16!

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First Qualifier Winners of 2018!

People give it up for the first Qualifier Winners from the 2018 Qualifier Season!Yaio & Boogiegun (Ormus Force) won the Italy Qualifier, and earned the first spot in the Top 20 this year. Yaoi will be returning to WBC, hoping to this year push through to the main event!


The DJ’s

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No dance without music. This year three international renowned DJ’s will be providing the beats for the “Last Chance Qualifier” and the “World Final”. DJ’s Nobunaga and Cut Nice both from The Netherlands have played at World BBoy Classic for many years. For DJ Uragun who is also the organiser of the Qualifier in Italy it will be the first time for him playing at the grand finale in Eindhoven.



Sunni & Spin win WBC UK

Sunni & Spin of the Soulmavericks crew have won the last leg of the WBC worldwide qualifier series.  For years Sunni and Spin have been strong competitors in the worldwide B-Boy scene, winning international titles individually and with their crew. This year they enter the World BBoy Classic World Final  for the very first time as a duo.

Lussy Sky & Drud special invited duo from Ukraine

World BBoy Classic has succeeded to invite Lussy Sky and Drud from Navi Crew Ukraine to the upcoming World BBoy Classic World Final. For quite some years Drud & Lussy Sky have been winning competitions all over the world but this dynamic and highly creative duo has never represented at World BBoy Classic before.
One thing is for sure on the 4th of June this duo will come to win.