10 years, 10 questions: Machine

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After Bboy Lucky it’s now up to Bboy Machine to answer 10 questions. Machine is one of the dancers in The Great 8, a legend hailing from the USA, LODB crew.

10 questions:

1 You’ve seen a lot of changes in the scene, is there one thing that from back in the days that you don’t see nowadays?
One thing I rarely see anymore are bboys/bgirls catering to the cypher as in past years. I also don’t see at all nowadays call outs between big and well known crews. You don’t see battles like that anymore. ‘Back in the day’, the best of the best crews repping their town or city would call out each other. There used to be heats like Pro-Am who had the Ultimate Circle where you could be called out at any time. The scene is missing this vital aspect of the culture. The present generation seem to be more about the competition than the culture.

2. Best experience you had at a event or trip that didn’t have anything to do with the competition?
My wife

3. The greatest thing about jams nowadays, and the worst?
Strategy. The greatest thing is definitely strategising towards a win and watching it work in your favour. The worst thing about jams nowadays is how much complaining social media has created and brought to the scene. Back in the day, there was less noise, people couldn’t talk without action. Now you have people who can talk without even being seen. 

4. What songs are on repeat on your listening list right now?
Asap Ferg – I’m On A New Level
Kendrick Lamer – DnA
Trey Songs – All I Want Is You

5. You’re in the final of WBC, and you get to pick one superpower, which one would it be and why?

6. What move are you most jealous of?
I wouldn’t say jealous, but I admire the airfare and how much bboys and bgirls have done to improve this move and make it something even more supernatural.

7. If you could pick any other thing to be as good in as you are in breaking what would you pick?
An ambassador helping 3rd world countries with famine, war, and health.

8. You get to pick 4 dancers for the ultimate 2vs2 battle (they can be present or from the past), who would you pick and why?
Swift Rock (Circa 92′ era) & Pocket v Mauritzio & Luigi
No particular reason. They are all versatile in their own rights. It would be dope to see the creativity that could come out of a battle like this. 

9. You’re one of the legends in the line up, does that give you extra pressure? How do you deal with pressure for events in general?
Yes it does bring pressure, both good and bad. Good pressure meaning that the other person has pressure on them because of your name and the ability you carry. Bad pressure as it is possible to overthink a situation or not thinking and strategising enough in terms of what your opponent may be capable of in a battle. 

10. Why should people come to World Bboy Classic on July 1st?
It’s concept stands out as one of the best events in Europe! People from all over the world have the opportunity to see a great variety of bboys and bgirls ranging from past, present to future dancers. WBC has provided a long lasting avenue for breaking to continue to build and grow.

A Decade Of Classic
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