10 Years, 10 Questions: Lucky

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10 Years of World Bboy Classic, 10 Questions.

First up: Lucky.
Hailing from Charleroi, and representing No Parking Crew, the crew he’s been with ever since 2011. Lucky is one of the upcoming guys in Belgium, and has been Breaking since 2009, the year WBC started.

10 Questions:

1. How did you get the name Lucky, and what does it mean for you?
Lucky comes from my real name: Lucas.

2. Best experience you had at a event or trip that didn’t have anything to do with the competition?
Some of the best for sure were Scandinavian Bboy Champ, and World Bboy Classic.

3. The greatest thing about jams nowadays, and the worst?
The worst thing to me is an over expensive event entrance.

4. What songs are on repeat on your listening list right now?
Depends on my mood, but right now Mr Confuse – Feel The Fire

5. You’re in the final of WBC, and you get to pick one superpower, which one would it be and why?
Infinite stamina!

6. What move are you most jealous of?
Effects with lots of style, it’s a good thing to be jealous of, it helps me to improve myself.

7. If you could pick any other thing to be as good in as you are in breaking what would you pick?
Surfing would be dope, or running.

8. You get to pick 4 dancers for the ultimate 2vs2 battle (they can be present or from the past), who would you pick and why?
Ooh hard to choose.. but probably Stripes & Intact vs Fleau & Menno. They all truly inspire me.

9. Last year you didn’t make it to the Top 16, how far will you get this year?
As for as possible, but for me the most important thing is to have a dope battle with my opponents.

10. Why should people come to World Bboy Classic on July 1st?
Because it’s a dope event, high level, good vibes with always some crazy surprises, and bboys we don’t get to see often over here!

A Decade Of Classic
On 30 June & July 1st, World Bboy Classic celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary. Don’t miss one of the craziest editions yet! WBC is once again part of the E-Moves festival, this time all under one roof. Last years WBC sold out so get your tickets in advance!