1. Qualifier Season

WBC holds Qualifiers around the world. Winners are placed directly in the final round (20 Spots) of the Last Chance Qualifier.
More about the Qualifiers and to see the agenda >.

2. Last Chance Qualifier

Duo’s that enter the Qualifiers on the day, battle for the remaining open spots in the final round of the Last Chance Qualifier. This is a knock-out format, not a preselection.

3. Last Chance Qualifier I Final Round (20 Duo’s)

The World Qualifier Winners & the Winners of the Last Chance Qualifier battle for the 10 Challenger spots of the Finals.

4. Bgirl & Kids Qualifiers

There is a special Qualifier for Bgirl teams and for Kids until 14 years old. Both the winners of these Qualifiers join the Challengers.

5. The Finals (Top 16)

The Great 8 are mixed into 4 duo’s, one hour before the event, and are placed in the Top 16 alongside the 12 Challengers. Prizemoney per duo is divided as followed:
Top 16: €200 I Top 8: €400 I Top 4: €800 I 2nd Place: €1500 I 1st Place: €3500
Due to Dutch tax laws, all payments will be made on Monday through banktransfer.


The last 12 duo’s standing on the Last Day Qualifier are the Challengers and will meet the great 8 in the world final. Check out some of the finalists of the Qualifiers.


These 8 dancers are picked by the organisation and will be matched up in 4 teams right before the Final. Go here to meet the great 8.




Bboy / Bgirl name 1CountryBboy / Bgirl name 2Countrycrew
testonwindows NL test2 NL
Dapa Holland Patrock Holland Influence Hermanos Crew
TawfiQ/gekke gast ukraine Ukraine Marokko Not sure
Frigo Belgium Tactile Belgium
Bboy Flex Holik Germany Bboy Double D Germany Gorilla Legion
Junique Germany Angela Chile Gorilla Legion
Jonah Netherlands Jam-on Netherlands
Jamlean The netherlands Nature The netherlands Rawthentic
Tonio France Mixa France Funk fockers/tfc
Amin Germany Reza Jaxon Germany The Last Action Heroes
Motin Japan Dhuk Brazil Belém Libre
Liam Utrecht, the Netherlands Levi Utrecht, the Nederlands Underdogz
Kid Colombia Holland Justen Holland Hustlekidz
Sheku U.K. Magic U.K.
Jona Belgium Simon Belgium Team Shmetta
Gustav Holland Rocket Holland Fresh allstars
Hugo France John France Crazy men
KemuStil Brazil DinhoStil Brazil Stil Contact
Razor The Netherlands Lucas GTI The Netherlands Head2Toe/Rawthentic
Daan Nederland Tim Nederland Fresh Allstars
Gustav The netherlands Rocket The netherlands Fresh allstars
Chilly U.K. Pstar U.K. Rain crew
Gan Ukraine Otto Ukraine Fast Bodies/Quick Spins
Apache Ukraine Ogarov aka Tazzmanio Ukraine South Front
illidan Germany / Russia muzon Germany / Turkey TNT
Tamyy Slovakia Lelo Slovakia
Tino France Banc France No system only chill
Jello385 Germany Odin Germany KnP Crew
Zoopreme Denmark Leelou The Netherlands The Ruggeds
Shinshan Netherlands Mikal Netherlands Ōkami Clan
Bboy Reflow Belgium Bboy jurmy Netherlands Ōkami Clan
TsipaTron Russia DenyRock Russia MAFIA 13 / COMIX ZONE
Baby O.G Mexico Italianrock Mexico La Absoluta Unik Breakers
dr hill mexico ztimpy monster mexico Unik Breakers 048
Stuart Venezuela Xaner Venezuela Team Vinotinto
Spin Uk Sunni United Kingdom Soul Mavericks
Alvarone Spain Husky Hask Spain MALAGANZTERS
RafaStil Brazil Harry Brazil Stil Contact
Bboy CRO France, Paris Bboy Funny Italy FromDownTown
Wesly Brazil Tchesko Brazil Break soul
Alkolil Russia Legioner Russia OBC
Menno Holland Shane Holland Hustle Kidz
Salo Venezuela Goodcat Italy Funk Warriors
Bboy Jairo locuras Peru Bboy hook up Netherlands
Titris Belgium TRock Belgium Belgium With Attitude
Bboy SexyPower Chili Bgirl Color Chili Sexy Color
Shaymin France K1000 France Lunatik Energy
BBoy Nice Rock Germany BBoy Lil Monkey Germany Funk the System
Infante UK Lil Hong Taiwan


Bboy / Bgirl name 1CountryBboy / Bgirl name 2Countrycrew
B-Girl First lady Souldja Nederland B-Girl Lisette Nederland Rhythm Souldjaz
Roxy UK Vanessa Portugal
Lady fury Barcelona Máxime Belgium
Alessandrina Italia Tazz Italia
stormy belgium angel France team afrika
B-girl Mercedes Hungary B-girl DirtySoul Hungary Hustle & Flow


Bboy / Bgirl name 1CountryBboy / Bgirl name 2Countrycrew
Loek NL Bas NL Fresh allstars
Bboy Mees Netherlands Bboy Federico Netherlands Fresh Allstars
Bboy Mees Netherlands Bboy Federico Netherlands Fresh Allstars
shyloh netherlands mimie holland rhythm souldjaz
Bboy Lorenzo Netherlands Bboy Cis Netherlands Fresh Allstars
Camron Holland Siebe Belgium Psycho's
Tjerk NL Mathieu NL Rugged Studio/HFC
Bboy Gustas Ireland Bboy turbo Uk
McLane UK Lewi UK
Edward Italia Piuma Italia Vagabond

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